As most of you know, online freelancer marketplace platforms oDesk and Elance merged in late 2013. oDesk-Elance later relaunched as a new brand called Upwork.

Upwork continues to enhance its platform, further streamlining the outsourcing and freelancing processes. Here’s a brief overview of the Upwork Messenger tool.

Upwork Messenger: Chat on Your Desktop

With the goal of making communication as seamless as possible, Upwork recently unveiled a new messenger platform. This chat feature allows individuals to instantly determine whether another individual (client, contractor, or prospective hire) is online. If so, users can click to begin a conversation, thus eliminating the slow response time often associated with emails. The app also stores an archive of past conversations, which can be very helpful.

The Messenger feature makes collaboration easier than ever, especially once a hire is made. At that point the tool can be used to exchange important information about the assignment. Files and instructions can be shared through the platform. Chatting directly through the Upwork Messenger app creates a paper trail for both parties, which could be important if dispute resolution is ever needed.

This app is free to use and available to anyone, not just people posting work or searching for jobs on the Upwork site.

The Benefits of Upwork Messenger

The opportunity to communicate with global freelancers (in real time) cannot be overemphasized. The Upwork Messenger system makes it possible to share information easily without relying on emails and file sharing systems, eliminating distractions and streamlining the project workflow for freelancers. It also makes it easier than ever for companies to communicate with workers.

Freelancers will especially appreciate:

  • More direct access to clients and prospective clients
  • Fewer website log in steps
  • Better documentation for risk-reduction purposes (if the contract goes sideways)

Clients will like:

  • A faster hiring process
  • Instant access to previous conversations
  • Paper trail to show Upwork dispute resolution staff

What do you think about Upwork and the new Messenger feature?

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