Do you want to offshore some or all of your web development and maintenance? The financial incentives for doing so can certainly be attractive, but not without caution.

Are you afraid that you’ll pick the wrong firm? Are you debating between an offshore firm vs. a foreign freelancer? Who will ensure quality? How will you filter the search results to identify the right person or company (over 100,000 possibilities on oDesk alone – see below).

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To make your life easier, I thought it might be useful to review an Indian web firm that I’ve worked with in the past (with mostly positive results): RV Technologies. RV Technologies offers services ranging from website design and development to mobile app creation.

In this post, we’ll offer a full review of RV Technologies and recommendations for working with them.

About RV Technologies

Founded in 2007, RV Technologies has made a name for itself in North India’s Information Technology Sector, thanks to its technical expertise in Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and Drupal CMS platforms. This has resulted in over 100,000 hours clocked on oDesk and a 4.6+ feedback score.

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Company Website:

Elevator Pitch: RV Technologies designers focus on creating clean and functional designs that understand user behavior. You own the rights to materials created for your company.

My Review of RV Technologies

As I alluded to, I’ve worked with RV Technologies for over five years now. I’ve seen both the good and the bad, most of which has been very positive. Here’s a quick summary in case you’re thinking about working with them.


  • Always online – With the exception of the Diwali holiday, your developer from RV Technologies will be at your disposal via instant messenger (Skype, Google+, etc.). Of course, India is several hours ahead of the United States, so if you want to chat real-time, you may need to get into the office by 8 am Eastern or wait up until about 11 pm Eastern. I usually get in early, so it works out well for me.
  • Dedicated and loyal – I personally know the company’s founder, Ranjit Singh. He has been a pleasure to work with, and he always checks in to make sure that I and my clients are happy with their work.
  • Especially strong with Joomla – I’ve had several clients on Joomla, so having RV Technologies available to help has been quite useful.
  • Not overly pushy – Sometimes offshore firms can be pushy and constantly asking you for more hours and work. RV Technologies takes the work as it comes with a smile.
  • Flexible working arrangements – I like to use Google docs to delegate web tasks. Their team has been flexible to use whatever project management process that I prefer.


  • Problem solving – Sometimes, as with other offshore providers, I think that some developers at RV Technologies will take a curious approach to solving problems. As with many developers, a tendency to install plugins and modules to solve problems may outweigh a desire to develop a more streamlined solution.
  • Probably not a great fit if you have little web experience – As a marketer, I live and breath websites. I didn’t study HTML in college, nor do I intend to become an expert. However, I do dabble. If you’re a mom and pop shop, I’d recommend you have someone like myself managing the developers to ensure quality.

Final Thoughts on RV Technologies

RV Technologies has a long-standing relationship with oDesk. As mentioned above, their workers have clocked over 100,000 hours through the site. That’s pretty powerful.

The company offers a wide range of technological services with the skills and expertise to back it up. Working with RV Technologies removes much of the guesswork from technology design processes to keep your business relevant with a strong online presence.

Special Offer

RV Technologies has graciously offered to allow readers of this blog to claim one hour of free Joomla or WordPress work. Click here to get started on your next technology project.

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