The following post, written by Steve Dragoo (a semi-retired freelancer and fellow Executive in Sweatpants), is part of an ongoing series to provide you with additional perspective into the virtual workforce.

It wasn’t that long ago that we had another government shutdown, and the fears of financial loss became all too real. What if they (Congress) can’t get a budget going, I wondered? Will the omnibus act bail out us baby boomers out, and, if so, for how long? What about the rest of working Americans; where is their golden opportunity?

You Can’t Afford to Count on Social Security

30 years ago it was relatively safe to rely jobs for retirement yearson your company to keep you employed. And you could almost believe retirement benefits would be safe. Today, on the other hand, it’s a completely different story. Can we continue to count on our government to pay out social security benefits from an empty account? You already know the answer to that important question. What you do about it can change your life – forever.

What are Seniors to Do?

With the economic uncertainty weighing heavily on my mind, I decided it was time for me to take matters into my own hands. I couldn’t stand looking at the looming financial disaster. So, about 6 months ago, I got serious about finding a job that would provide extra income. Considering my age, the whole job search idea made me pretty nervous. As a senior citizen, you would think my options would be sorely limited. McDonald’s anyone?

What I found amazed me. What I discovered was nothing less than an incredible industry, growing so fast it may well dominate the USA GDP soon. That industry is the online freelance movement.

Last year, we independents (commonly called freelancers) raked in $1.2 trillion. So let me ask, “How much of that did you earn?”

A Helpful Perspective to Launch My Online Career

A book I read, “Executive in Sweatpants”, opened my eyes to a business platform called oDesk. The book gave me the insight and information I needed to make the correct choices and go it alone on oDesk. Did I say go it alone? How wrong I was. In less than 6 months, the number of business associates I have networked with has astounded me. oDesk has over 8 million clients and contractors, and more come in every day. If 8 million plus can figure it out, so can you.

I’ve Taken Control of My Golden Years…So Can You!

Oh, did I tell you I’m headed to the lovely tropics of the Philippines for a three week vacation? What I really love about my new found independent life is I can work for my clients back in the USA from almost any place in the world. Yep, there’s something else I should mention, too. I will be able to write off a whole lot of this trip from my taxes. Care to join me?


Steve Dragoo is a sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of industry experience. Steve has owned and sold several successful organizations.

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