How “available” are you for new oDesk clients?

If you’re like me, you decline about 90% of the interview invitations you get. Some are turned down because they are spammy (although oDesk is getting better about weeding those out). Others, however, I turn down simply because I’m so busy that I can’t in good conscience take on new customers.

oDesk Freelancer Availability Indicator

Well, today I received an invitation for a marketing automation job. As much as I wanted to apply for it, I just don’t have the time right now. Therefore, I turned it down. After declining the interview and indicating that I am “too busy at this time,” I noticed a new pop-up from oDesk.

odesk freelancer availability

What would you do in this situation?

My gut reaction was to just mark myself as “Not Available.” Here’s the problem: if the right offer came along, I could quickly become “Available.” If I mark myself as “Not Available” it seems that I would be eliminating myself from future consideration for inbound leads on oDesk.

What to Do if You’re Too Busy?

For now, I have set my profile as “Available” out of fear of missing a great opportunity. I picked “less than 10 hours per week,” which I could technically accommodate if the right offer came along. In the meantime, I’ll probably still decline most offers.

What will you do?

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