Managing your content can be tricky, especially when you have multiple employees, freelancers, and teams.

For example, you may have one freelancer working on a landing page that promotes a whitepaper developed simultaneously by another worker. As you might imagine, keeping everything organized can quickly become challenging.

While there are software applications that can help you manage your content engine, many companies (especially those that are just getting started with content creation) simply don’t have the budget for such tools.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of building a winning content team – and offer a free spreadsheet for staying organized.

Benefits of Building a Content Team

Working with others to generate content brings many benefits:

Fresh content – Since more than one person is generating content, you are more likely to include content that reaches a wider audience. Offering unique perspectives is great for SEO – and it allows you to keep the discussion going. Plus, you instantly gain access to each writer’s social reach.

Talent – Working with team of writers also allows you to match skills with tasks. You can easily hire someone who is skilled at creating informative data analyses to write a technical report. Or, likewise, you could hire someone who is better at writing creative blog posts to contribute lifestyle pieces.

Efficiency – If you’re the type of person who has tons of great ideas and very little free time to implement them, working with online freelancers can allow you get more done and build capacity.

Challenges of Managing a Virtual Content Team

Of course, building content virtually can have its downsides, such as:

Communication Struggles – It’s essential to establish clear communication from the outset, because working across many time zones can add challenges. For example, if you hire an Australian freelancer to create a whitepaper, go into the contract knowing that you’ll likely never be online at the same time.

Teamwork – If you have two freelancers who are collaborating on different parts of a project, it can be challenging to find a way to put it all together virtually. Strong leadership is needed to avoid failure.

Management – You already have a full plate, and there’s only so much time you can devote to managing content generation. It’s important to identify ways to let the process manage itself.

The Solution: Matt’s Content Staffing Matrix

This free staffing matrix was featured in Matt’s recent article on the Content Marketing Institute’s website. Created to help companies organize topics and team members (such as bloggers, content writers, social media experts, email marketers, publicity associates, and others who may contribute content), it is easy to customize for your specific needs.

Here’s a brief overview of how to use the Content Staffing Matrix:

1) List the name of the person responsible for generating specific content next to the type of content he or she will generate for that month (or period defined by you).

2) Make sure the contact information is correct for each team member.

content matrix example

3) Consider uploading this document to Google Docs, which makes the document shareable and real-time (avoiding the necessity to email attachments).

That’s it! How do you currently manage your content?

Download the Content Matrix


Becky Trowbridge is a freelance marketing professional. She offers a wide variety of marketing support services, including content creation, social media cultivation, and landing page design.

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