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Ready to roll?  When you’re trying to move about your home office in a rolling office chair, your eyes are fixed on your work. You don’t want to look down because your wheels are getting stuck going the wrong direction or snagged on the carpet.  Oh no, the carpet! Office chairs were not made with protecting your carpet in mind, so that’s why you need a chair mat.

With no mat, your carpet will quickly develop tracks where the chair’s wheels run. Carpet will begin looking worn down and tired looking within just a few days of use. Even worse, fibers of your carpet can be torn up into the chair’s wheels.  How frustrating it can be to stop what you’re doing to unclog a chair wheel!

Don’t let your office fall victim to these issues.

Our Pick for Best Office Chair Mat

My pick is the Universal Cleated Chair Mat for Low and Medium Pile Carpet. The sturdy, clear vinyl provides a smooth surface for your chair to glide with ease. With three sizes available:  36×48, 45×53, and 46×60, this versatile mat can fit in any office. Priced reasonably around $45, this mat leads the market in providing quality and affordability at the same time.

Since it is shipped flat instead of being rolled up, the integrity of the mat’s shape is preserved, providing you with extended durability. Simply put, this smooth mat will protect your home office’s carpet with style.

Check it out today on Amazon.

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