Quality content is essential. If you want to be found through Google or other search engines, it’s extremely important to have meaningful content on your website.

Busy business owners frequently hire freelance writers to supply this content, but it can be difficult to determine whether or not someone is a good fit for your company. HitTail may be able to solve this problem for you.

About HitTail

HitTail is a California-based software company that focuses on driving targeted search visitors to your website by making the most of the organic keywords in your existing traffic.

Company Website: https://www.hittail.com/
Elevator Pitch: HitTail works with promising keywords in your existing traffic to drive more visitors to your website.

How It Works

Sometimes your content doesn’t need to be super in-depth. This is particularly the case for most local SEO purposes. Consistently building original content targeted toward an organic keyword strategy usually suits local businesses. Creating content within your market is generally enough to attract more organic visitors. That’s why HitTail works so well.

hittail keyword tool

HitTail provides two major services: keyword analysis & scoring as well as on-demand content generation.

  • Keyword Analysis & Scoring: HitTail works with your Google Webmaster Tools account to display all of your search terms and rank them in order to help you quickly see which keyword you should target when generating content.
  • On-Demand Content Generation: This service is available at the low cost of $19 per article, with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re a local company that is trying to build out content on a tight budget, this is a great option. The articles are guaranteed within 2-3 business days, and the content is generally quite good.

My Thoughts on HitTail

HitTail is a fantastic option for many local companies. Sometimes the most important SEO strategy is simply producing regular content, but that’s difficult for many business owners to manage. HitTail provides a solution at a very reasonable price. I’ve tried the service, as have several of my clients, and I’ve had great experiences with the content generation. The keyword analysis provides a service that Google does not and makes it very easy to see where to focus your content generation efforts.

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