Struggling to find a viable health insurance solution in this era of the Affordable Care Act?

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and consultants across the United States have been affected by the ACA, but many are still unsure how to find affordable health insurance that meets the act’s requirements.

About Health Reform Team

Health Reform Team is a sales distribution company licensed in over 40 states. Agents work with clients to help them understand the many health insurance options available – and make the best choice.


Company Website:

Elevator Pitch: Health Reform Team provides comprehensive insurance solutions for the individual and self-employed markets, including freelancers and companies that hire online workers.

How it Works

Finding affordable health insurance options for your small business can be difficult in today’s market. Health Reform Team’s agents work with you to find solutions that meet your personal needs.

1. You fill out this form to contact Health Reform Team and initiate the process. Your information will be forwarded to an insurance agent who will contact you directly.

2. The Health Reform Team agent finds out more about what you need from your health insurance and goes to work to find the best options (HSA, PPO, or other qualified plan).

3. You check out the provided policy options and decide which plan meets your needs (and budget).

My Thoughts on Health Reform Team

Although the Affordable Care Act went into effect months ago, the landscape for small business health insurance is as confusing as ever. I appreciate how Health Reform Team listens to individual needs and provides policy options tailored for small businesses.

Special Offer

Health Reform Team has graciously agreed to offer free small business health insurance consultations for readers of this blog. Click here to learn more (make sure you fill out the form on this page).


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