For someone who is completely new toget started outsourcing outsourcing, the most difficult task can be knowing where to begin.

To overcome that issue, online marketplaces such as oDesk and Elance have made it as easy (as they possibly can) to get started, create an account, and then hire freelancers.

Even with these sites, however, it still takes a lot of time and effort on your part to learn how to attract good workers.

In this post, we’ll offer a few tips for getting started without losing your mind.

Remember, Quality Freelancers are Busy

Unfortunately, it’s naive to think that you can just create an account and then good freelancers will just naturally be attracted to you. Good freelancers tend to be busy and are attracted to companies with strong hiring track records.

There is an element of competition, and it’s important to learn how to position your company so that you are able to attract high quality workers. In addition, filtering potential candidates is key.

Start with oDesk’s Filters

One way to find prospective workers is by doing it yourself using the filtering criteria available on freelance marketplace sites such as Elance and oDesk. These filters allow you to filter out workers based on their geographic location, the amount of time that they’ve worked online, their hourly rate, and more.

But, filtering through the thousands of freelancers to a candidate slate is a specialized skill set in and of itself (which is why we’ve built this training series on how to recruit good freelancers).

Seek Out Freelance Placement Services

In addition to the DIY model, there are other services out there. In fact, oDesk actually offers a sort of “white glove” recruiting service to help you, the client, find better workers.

There are also a variety of companies that offer boutique outsourcing services. Typically, this works one of two ways: you pay a retainer fee to the company – or they provide services for free and later profit from the contractor’s service after you make the hire.

Check our Hiring & Recruiting section of our site for more best practices.

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Becky Trowbridge is a freelance marketing professional. She offers a wide variety of marketing support services, including content creation, social media cultivation, and landing page design.

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