Have you been feeling uninspired lately?

Maybe it’s time to recharge and change up your daily routine.

Get Away From the Office

Consider scheduling a quick weekend Freelancing Productivitygetaway or even a staycation day to step back from the grind and evaluate your routine. What’s working for you? What’s draining you? What types of work do you want to spend more of your time on? Oftentimes you’ll find that you can undo a block by taking a break and resetting your thinking.

I find that working from new environments is helpful for me when I’m tackling a big project or need some extra drive to focus. There’s something about being in a coffee shop or library that makes me feel extra productive. Maybe it’s the smell of caffeine…

Move More

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t healthy for anyone; research links too much time sitting to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and stroke. A sedentary lifestyle can also impact your mood and creativity and negatively affect your work.

Fortunately, working at home gives you a little more flexibility to incorporate some extra movement into your day. For example, you can wake up early and go for a leisurely morning walk or a fast run while your corporate counterparts sit in traffic on the way to the office. You may choose to schedule a lunchtime gym class, which could also help you connect with new prospects.

A fitness tracker such as a FitBit can also make a difference in how much you move in a typical day. I consider myself fairly active – I’ve run several half marathons and am typically training for something – but when I purchased my FitBit I was shocked to see how inactive I was during working hours. Since then, I’ve made an effort to add short walks to my day to help get steps in and keep myself moving during the workday. I also plan walks to the local coffee shop when I need a zip of caffeine. When I meet with local clients, we typically meet in an area that I can walk or bike to, allowing me to add a bit of extra activity to my work day.

Take a Break

Productivity app DeskTime collected data regarding computer usage and analyzed the top 10% of performers to see what they were doing differently. Turns out that the most productive people were working for an average of 52 minutes, then breaking for approximately 17 minutes. This research underscores the “work smarter, not harder” concept.

Taking intentional breaks throughout your work day allows you to stay focused and productive during your work time. I find that focusing on a task for an hour or two followed by a short walk or quick chore keeps me more productive and motivated.

How Can You Improve Your Daily Routine?

What can you do to boost your productivity and help yourself stay engaged with your work? What are your favorite daily routines?

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