Have you ever asked yourself the question, “How many hours should I actually work this week?”

I do all the time.

To help myself (and you, my loyal readers) answer this age-old question, I’ve developed the following freelance hour calculator. If you find it useful, feel free to bookmark this page and use it every week!

I’d love to hear your feedback about this tool. Feel free to comment below with suggestions for making it even more useful.

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Note: This freelance hour calculator is provided as-is and is by no means guaranteed to be 100% accurate. By using this tool, you agree to do so at your own discretion. If you notice a bug or a calculation issue, please contact me so that I can fix it. It’s a work in progress. Thanks!


Matt Keener is the original "Executive in Sweatpants," having built a successful online consulting business (from home). His best-selling book offers tips for capitalizing on outsourcing and freelancing. Matt holds an MBA and has been featured by many recognizable brands, including Upwork (formerly oDesk), Elance, Insightly, the Dave Ramsey Show, and Entrepreneur.com.

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