Freelancer Tools


Annual Planning Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to plan out future income streams for the upcoming calendar or fiscal year. I like to use it in late December.


Freelance Hour Tracking Sheet

This is arguably the most important spreadsheet I’ve developed. Track daily and weekly billing progress versus your goals.


Work from Home Book

Chapter 1 of My Book

My Amazon #1 best selling book will tell you everything you need to know to be successful on Upwork as a freelance professional.


Cash Flow Spreadsheet

Cash Flow Spreadsheet

At the end of the day, it all comes down to cash flow. Use this spreadsheet to make sure what you’re earning is meeting your needs.


Freelancer Prospecting

Prospecting Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to measure how efficient you are at winning new work from home business.


Hiring & Outsourcing Tools

Outsourcing Checklist

Checklist: Intro to Outsourcing

Use this checklist to determine what aspects of your business are conducive for outsourcing.


Content Outsourcing Plan

Content Outsourcing Plan

Use this spreadsheet to plan your outsourced content team. This spreadsheet was featured by the Content Marketing Institute.


Freelancer Interview Invite

Template: Freelancer Interview

Learn what you should say when inviting a freelancer to interview. Increase the probability of attracting good workers.


Free (or Almost Free) Software


Upwork is the leading global marketplace where freelance professionals and customers connect.

Google Docs

Create, share, and manage all of your information in the cloud using Google Docs.

Google Voice

A neat tool that allows you to setup call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and more.

Google GSuite

Set up professional email hosting and more with Google GSuite.


Participate in face-to-face video conferences with your clients and team members via Skype.


Publish your availability into a client-facing calendar.


Email marketing made simple. Great templates and free to use.


Easy-to-use form builder, great for websites.


Create clean screenshots and demo videos using Jing.


Use Screencast to store, organize, and manage your Jing videos. Store up to 2GB for free.


Need to send huge files for free? Check out this tool – no account needed.

Insightly CRM

Free, cloud-based sales management system.


The most powerful project management system for virtual workers.


People still send faxes? Guess so. Here’s how to send a fax (sans machine).


Build beautiful, engaging graphics for social media.

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