If you’re responsible for creating blog content for your business (or a client), you know that it can be difficult to find quality images at a good price. Navigating the licensing rules can sometimes make you feel like you need an attorney on hand to understand exactly what you’re agreeing to.

Dreamstime makes this process much simpler.

About Dreamstime

Stock Images

Company Website: http://www.dreamstime.com/

Elevator Pitch: Dreamstime is an easy-to-use stock photo service with straight-forward licensing rules for royalty free images.

How It Works

Photographers from all over the world upload their digital or film prints to the site, where they are reviewed and approved by photo editors. Thousands of new images are added to their searchable database every day.

When you need an image to complement a blog post or add a bit of pizzazz to a marketing piece, simply search the Dreamstime database (see below for a quick search box). You’ll find free stock photography in addition to images available for a small fee. If you use several images each month, you may want to consider one of the monthly plans available on the Dreamstime website.

My Thoughts on Dreamstime

Dreamstime is an easily accessible source for free and low cost images. It’s never a good idea to simply do a Google search and download an image to be used in business materials; you don’t want your business to end up on the wrong side of a copyright lawsuit.

We use Dreamstime as our stock photo service for all of our clients as well as this own blog. The prices are great, there’s a good selection, and it’s easy to use.

Special Offer

Give Dreamstime a try by checking out the free images on their website. Just click here to get started or search using this “free image finder”:


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