Few things are as important to freelancers as coffee.

When I started my business in 2009, I quickly learned to love the so-called “muddy water.” After months of 60+ hour work weeks, a morning cup of joe can really help keep you on the ball.

In the days of iced frappuccinos and soy lattes, I realize that many in our culture like cold coffee. Count me out of that crowd. I need hot coffee, and I need it to stay hot (without having to get up from my desk).

For Valentine’s Day in 2010, my wife gave coffee warmerme one of the most romantic gifts ever: an electric coffee warmer.

I must admit that (at the time), I didn’t know such technology existed. Five years later, it’s arguably one of the most used items in my office (which is why I just had to finally replace it).

I thought that I’d share a few thoughts about this ingenious invention.

Meet Mr. Coffee’s Warmer

My Mr. Coffee Warmer has proven to be a true caffeine warrior on a daily basis for five years, keeping coffee warm for hours. With an on/off switch and visible light indicator, it’s easy to see whether or not the warmer is on. The 60 inch cord makes it simple to find a space for the device anywhere in your office.

At under $10, this coffee warmer certainly won’t break the bank, but it can make home office life a bit more pleasant. With a sleek design, it also won’t be an obtrusive eyesore adding clutter to your desk. The heating plate holds mugs of various sizes up to 3.25 inches in diameter across the bottom of the mug.

I hope you use yours as much as I have!


Matt Keener is the original "Executive in Sweatpants," having built a successful online consulting business (from home). His best-selling book offers tips for capitalizing on outsourcing and freelancing. Matt holds an MBA and has been featured by many recognizable brands, including Upwork (formerly oDesk), Elance, Insightly, the Dave Ramsey Show, and Entrepreneur.com.

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