This week, oDesk released its “Online Work Survey” for Fall 2012.  As you might imagine, the work-from-home vertical is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy.  I wanted to share a few statistics from the report that I find absolutely amazing.  Close to 3,000 companies globally were surveyed.

  • 94% of businesses surveyed agree that within the next decade, the majority of businesses will have blended teams (online and on-premise workers).oDesk's 2012 Report on Contract Labor
  • The study found that hiring an online worker only takes 2.8 days (median). Hiring an on-premise worker takes 23.9 days!
  • 58% of businesses surveyed expect to double their budget for online workers in 2013.
  • 68% of businesses agree that “traditional” on-premise hiring methods are more stressful (as compared to hiring online workers), due to salary expectations, difficulty of finding local talent, time required, etc.
  • 76% of businesses agree that online workplaces (like oDesk) solve the talent availability dilemma.
  • 84% of businesses surveyed view online workers as part of their long-term business strategy, not a temporary solution.
  • Boldest Prediction in the Study: By 2020, a majority of business contractors will be working on the Internet via marketplaces like oDesk (86% of businesses surveyed agreed with this statement).

Download the Full Report Now

You can download the full presentation on oDesk’s Slideshare page.  The research study was conducted by Genesis Research Associates.

Learn How to Benefit from Blended Teams

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Matt Keener is the original "Executive in Sweatpants," having built a successful online consulting business (from home). His best-selling book offers tips for capitalizing on outsourcing and freelancing. Matt holds an MBA and has been featured by many recognizable brands, including Upwork (formerly oDesk), Elance, Insightly, the Dave Ramsey Show, and

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