Inbound web leads can be crafty.lead appointment scheduling

One minute, they’re on your website asking for information. A few minutes later, you can’t get them to pick up the phone or reply to your emails.

In this post, I’ll share a nifty process to help you reduce frustration and increase the number of booked appointments.

Embed Your Form

The first step of the process is to select a form template. The Jotform form builder makes this rather easy. Choose from a variety of prebuilt (free) templates with a few clicks. Or, if you’d like to get creative, you can build a custom form with minimal effort. 

In this example (from my recently launched service), I have selected a template from the Jotform form templates gallery.

web lead form

Embedding the form is also easy. Simply click on the “Publish” icon and grab the embed code. I prefer to use the script as pictured below (sensitive information was blurred.), but there are also a number of integration options.

embed web form

Build Your Autoresponder

Once you’ve embedded your form, you’ll want to enable an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an automatic email that is sent to the inquiring party. In otherwords, an autoresponder saves you a few steps by following up on your behalf.

To set this up, click on the “Emails” icon for that specific form. You’ll then see the option to add an autoresponder.

autoresponder leads

The most important part of using an autoresponder is crafting the right message. Put yourself in the shoes of a person requesting information on your website. You want to sound as personal as possible and still drive the person to the desired action. Below is the autoresponder that I send to leads.

Watch the Registrations Roll In

With every new lead, you can now rest easy knowing that a nurture email is immediately being sent. Leads will be impressed with the rapid response and enjoy booking a time that’s convenient for their schedules.

Isn’t it time you automated your lead appointment scheduling?

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